A world treasure… Great Sandy Biosphere

In 2009 the Great Sandy region was awarded Biosphere Reserve status by UNESCO, the global organisation that also awards World Heritage Listings.

The decision gives world wide recognition to the Fraser Coast region, neighbouring Gympie area and the Bundaberg coastline and puts it in the same class as the Galapagos Islands, the Central Amazon, the Everglades and Uluru.

The concept of the UNERCO’s Man and Biospheres program is to protect natural resources while using them at the same tie – or balancing conservation and sustainable development.

•    World’s tallest and most complex rainforests growing in sand
•    Fringing coral reefs and more marine diversity than the entire Great Barrier Reef
•    Almost half of all Australia’s bird species
•    Major breeding site for endangered marine turtles
•    Oldest and largest unconsolidated sand mass in the world
•    7558 recorded species of flora and fauna
•    Best observable ancient dune chronological sequencing
•    Declared Dugong sanctuary
•    RAMSAR wetlands – internationally declared feeding ground for migratory birds
•    Critical habitat for rare and engendered species
•    Whale sanctuary and major transitory point for humpback whales on their annual southern migration
•    World’s largest and highest perched dune lakes

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