A birdwatching paradise 

The diverse habitats of the Fraser Coast region offer amazing bird-watching opportunities – from Fraser Island and the Great Sandy Strait to Howard and Maryborough.

The Great Sandy Strait is officially recognised as among the most important roosting sites for migratory shorebirds in Australia.

It is home to several rare and threatened species including the rare Little Tern. At least 40,000 birds choose the wetlands of the Great Sandy Strait as their summer feeding grounds, coming from as far away as Japan, Alaska and Siberia.

Waders use the expansive tidal flats intensively, especially near the seagrass beds. The area is also of importance for yearling birds, especially Eastern Curlews, which do not return to the northern hemisphere until the following year.

Fraser Island is another popular spot for twitchers. Its diverse habitats attract over 350 species of native birds, including the rarely-seen ground parrot and 18 birds of prey, among them the Osprey and Brahimy Kite.

Arkarra Lagoons at Dundowran is also one of the best bird watching areas on the coast.

Local, travelling and overseas birdwatchers are always welcome the Hervey Bay Birdwatchers group on one of their weekly bird watching expeditions. 

The group meets each Wednesday at 7am in summer and 7.30am in winter at a prearranged watch area.  For enquiries: tel. 4125 2372